You’re probably wondering, why “The Unforgettable Fly”? It’s actually a combination of the titles of two of my favorite U2 songs, “The Fly” and “The Unforgettable Fire.” I wanted something catchy and hard to forget (hence “unforgettable”), so I came up with this name, sort of on “the fly.”

I have an altogether different blog, also available through wordpress, called The World Doesn’t Stop for a Picture, and it features most of my personal writing and photography. I thought I’d create a site here to try out some other ideas and maybe publish some different kinds of writing as well as some additional photography. I don’t know. We’ll see. How bad can it be to have two blogs?

My photography buddy Richard R. Barron, chief photographer of The Ada News newspaper, in Ada, Okla., where I worked for about a year, took this image of me at the Holy City of the Wichitas, on a cold day in Jan. 2014.


Briefly, I’m married, with children, and grandchildren, and before coming to SAU (as communication assistant) I worked for about 27 years in the newspaper business. My first gig in that line was as a reporter for the Hope Star daily newspaper in Hope, AR. How much has the business changed since then? So much so that Hope is no longer a daily paper, but, I believe, a “twice weekly.” Then again, I started in 1989, and one cannot expect everything to stay the same forever.

I grew disillusioned with the newspaper business, as one perhaps might do after spending so long in the same industry. I’ve worked at papers in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Some of those gigs I’m proud of, others I’d rather forget. I won some awards, got some recognition, made a few good friends, gained some good experience, ate at a few good restaurants, learned how to do a few things … but decided long ago it was time for me to try something different. It took me until last year to leave newspapers altogether.

One thing I’ve always wanted to do, and have thus far managed to do, is write for a living. This year, I’d like to do more than just write for peanuts … I’d like to have a career as a published author. To that end, I’ve written a small collection of detective stories and will begin the search for an agent or publisher soon. The book is ready, I just need to start marketing it. One thing that galvanizes me is that I’ll turn 47 in just a few weeks; as time rolls on, and the aging process begins to kick in, I’d hate to think of myself a couple of years from now as a failed writer. I mean, if you write, how can you fail at it? So, we’ll see what happens.

I’m also a photographer. I’m not sure whether I’m “professional” or not, but I work on a professional level, if that means anything. I’m hired regularly (with my wife, who’s brilliant) to photograph weddings and other important events in people’s lives, and my images are sometimes put to use here in Communications. I want to do more and better with my photography.

Then there’s my family, which has grown tremendously in the last couple years. Our grandson, Drake, was born almost two years ago (where has the time gone?), and our granddaughter, AbbyAnn, was born 18 months after Drake. They are beautiful little vassals of joy, and I love them so, so much. I don’t get to see them nearly enough.

My wife, Christa, is a biology professor here at SAU, and a creative and gifted photographer in her own right. I love her work, and I love her. She has three great kids of her own. Lest I fail to mention, I have a daughter, Jodi, who I’ll never stop thinking of as a little girl, just getting off the school bus, running to meet me, her backpack flapping, her blonde hair flashing in the breeze. She’s my light and joy.

Not sure what all I’ll put on this site, but I hope it’s creative and fun and unique, and if it isn’t to your taste, well, to each his own.