One of the many things I hope to get out of this trip is to see the many reptiles all three parks we’re visiting have! In the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, in the harsh Chihuhuan desert community, there are Texas banded geckos, prairie lizards, and Eastern collared lizards to name a few. In Big Bend National Park, there are many species of desert reptiles including but not limited to, southwestern earless lizards, southern prairie lizards, and crevice spiny lizards. The one I’ve done the most research on and I’m most excited to get the chance to see if the Eastern collard lizard (Crotaphytus collaris). 

They reach up to 15 inches in length (including their tail). They have large heads and strong, powerful jaws. They are commonly known for running on their hind legs like the late theropod dinosaurs. They can do this at speeds up to 16mph. They are found in the south-central US in Missouri, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Kansas and in the dry regions of Mexico. It got its name “collared lizard” because of its distinct coloration. They have bands of black around their necks and shoulders that look like a collar. Males have a blue-green body with light brown heads and the females have a light brown body and head.

I plan on filming multiple events throughout the week-long trip and this lizard running on it’s hind legs would be something I’d like to document for my end project documentary.

This is a collared lizard running on it’s hind legs!