We assess the safety of natural products and dietary supplements using Daphnia magna.

Fall 2018: Brayden Camp joined the Daphnia Lab.
2017–2018: Effects of Caralluma fimbriata on survival and reproductive output of Daphnia magna.
2017–2018: Jordan White and Antoinette Davis are working on independent research projects related to the toxic effects of supplements on Daphnia magna survival, and reproduction. Victor Uga is looking at the effect of BPA on Daphnia magna lipid droplets.
2016–2018: Safety of Green coffee been and Guarana (C. Taylor & C. Leach); The effect of green tea extract Camellia sinensis on Daphnia magna (A. Davis)

Independent Research
2016–2017: Mitch Rowland worked on the bioremediation of petrochemicals in soil