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Striking Distance Studios

Striking Distance Studios is a fairly new studio in California that is creating games for the PUBG universe. They have quite a few open positions, including animation, technical art, programming, QA, Environment art, hard surface artiststs, etc, as they ramp up their production.

Listing of their positions are here:

PUBG has studios around the world ( and here are a few additional locations and their listings:

Madison WI jobs (several positions, including a game play engineer and an environment artist position)

Saratoga Springs, NY (UI programmer and QA position)

Amsterdam has quite a few listings, including animation, technical art, QA, programming.



Squeeze Animation

Squeeze Studio Animation  is a production studio that provides high-end character animation services for any type of digital products: feature film, video game cinematics, TV commercials and more. They have 2 studios in Canada: Quebec and Montreal.

Squeeze has multiple positions open right now for a variety of projects at both studio locations. These positions range from concept art, animation (both 2D and 3D) visual development, project management and software engineer. Most are in house positions but there is at least one that is remote.

VR/AR Companies Hiring

Groove VR: Has several positions including a technical artist and a Houdini artist
SurviVR: currently has a contract position for a 3D Animator

Twisted Pixel Games (primarily VR games). Several positions, including Level Designer, Character Modeler and Gameplay Programmer.

HookBang: Looking for programmers and an environment artist.

Austin Visuals: Animation jobs- 3D Animation Producer, 3D Character Rigger, and 2D Animator.

Praxent: Software Engineer positions and a UI/UX Designer

Zenimax Studios

ZeniMax Studios is a large publishing conglomerate that includes Bethesda Games, ID Software, and Arkane Studios, among others. Their studios are in various locations across the US and Canada. They currently have dozens of job openings across all these studios and locations in every area of development.

Opportunities in the Midwest

While the Midwest does not have as many companies concentrated in one area, there are still quite a few companies scattered throughout the Midwest. Look at for a more full list of what is available in various cities. Here are just a few jobs I have seen available in the region.

Kansas City:
Bad Rhino Studios has openings for an animator and a UI artist

Scientific Games (casino games) has studios in several cities. One of their studios is in Cedar Falls, Iowa. They have a couple art and programming positions open in Cedar Falls, but also in Austin. They also have a QA internship position open in Cedar Falls.

Madison, Wisconsin:

Filament Games (educational games): 3D generalist, UI designer, a couple game programmers (one remote).

Lost Boys Interactive: 3D artist, Technical artist, Programmers.

PerBlue: Animator, Production Assistant, Designer, QA

Raven Software (Call of Duty): Quite a few positions including a junior environment artist, jr VFX artist, junior lighting artist, gameplay engineer, UI engineer, jr designer, and QA testers.

St. Louis:
Graphite Lab: Gameplay programmer

High Voltage Software has studios in New Orleans and Chicago. They have positions open in both locations

Raw Thrills software: programmer and 2D artist has studios around the world, including one in Chicago. The Chicago studio has a tools engineer and a UI artist (multiple positions around the world in their other studios).

North Carolina jobs

North Carolina has long been one of the medium sized game dev hubs. This is the home of Epic, Insomniac, Red Storm, and Funcom as well as several smaller studios.

Epic has listed internships for Fall for early career, students and recent grads. Their internships are paid remote internships requiring 40 hours a week remote work.
Art internship information:

Engineering internship information:—Fall-2020_R2527

Insomniac also has one of their two main studios in the Raleigh area. They currently have a few art and design positions open, including environment art, technical art, animation and character art. There is an associate designer position as well.


Red Storm has a few openings:

Grover Gaming has jobs currently. a couple 3D generalist positions and a couple programmer positions as well as other types of jobs. This is not a video game company, but rather an electronic games company, primarily slot machines.


Applied Research Associates is a larger company that has a studio called Virtual Heroes in North Carolina. Here is a link to job openings they have across several of their studios.


Daybreak studios has 28 open positions, most in their Austin, TX studio. These include positions in technical art, character art, audio designer, tools programmer, gameplay programmer, content designer, associate producer and producer.

Daybreak Game Company makes massively multiplayer online games , best known for EverQuest, EverQuest II, PlanetSide 2, & DC Universe Online

Art Station Job postings

Many companies list job postings on Art Station, some of them list exclusively on Art Station.
If you have an Art Station page, you can get updated job listings. You can also check jobs page:

Odd Gentlemen is one company that only lists on Art Station, not their own site. They are currently looking for a 2D stylized environment concept artist (remote) and a 3D stylized environment artist (relocation assistance provided)


Rebellion is an entertainment company (games, film and television) with 4 studios in England. They have over 47 positions they are hiring for across all 4 studios. These positions range from art, animation, programming, QA, UI, UX in both games and film/tv.