While the Midwest does not have as many companies concentrated in one area, there are still quite a few companies scattered throughout the Midwest. Look at GameDevMap.com for a more full list of what is available in various cities. Here are just a few jobs I have seen available in the region.

Kansas City:
Bad Rhino Studios has openings for an animator and a UI artist https://www.badrhinogames.com/careers/

Scientific Games (casino games) has studios in several cities. One of their studios is in Cedar Falls, Iowa. They have a couple art and programming positions open in Cedar Falls, but also in Austin. They also have a QA internship position open in Cedar Falls. https://www.scientificgames.com/careers/all-jobs

Madison, Wisconsin:

Filament Games (educational games): 3D generalist, UI designer, a couple game programmers (one remote). https://www.filamentgames.com/careers/

Lost Boys Interactive: 3D artist, Technical artist, Programmers. http://www.lostboysinteractive.com/careers.html

PerBlue: Animator, Production Assistant, Designer, QA https://www.perblue.com/Careers.aspx

Raven Software (Call of Duty): Quite a few positions including a junior environment artist, jr VFX artist, junior lighting artist, gameplay engineer, UI engineer, jr designer, and QA testers. https://careers.ravensoftware.com/

St. Louis:
Graphite Lab: Gameplay programmer https://graphitelab.com/jobs/

High Voltage Software has studios in New Orleans and Chicago. They have positions open in both locations https://www.high-voltage.com/careers/

Raw Thrills software: programmer and 2D artist https://rawthrills.com/careers/

Wargaming.net has studios around the world, including one in Chicago. The Chicago studio has a tools engineer and a UI artist (multiple positions around the world in their other studios). https://wargaming.com/en/careers/