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The Rookies: A good site + Competition(s)
The Rookies is a community for non-professional digital artists. A place for artists with a passion for film, games, animation, immersive media, archviz, motion graphics, product design and other creative industries.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a hobbyist, student, self-taught or even wanting to change careers. All that matters is you want to become a better artist, learn new skills and be surrounded by people on the same journey as you. ” (about me page)

The Rookies currently has 3 competitions, 2 smaller and 1 large, going on right now with multiple prizes and, even if you don’t win a competition, you are entered into a prize raffle just for entering. You also have an opportunity to give feedback and get feedback on your work.

Internship(s) at Booze Allen Hamilton

Booze Allen Hamilton is a company that does consulting, analytics, digital solutions, engineering, and cyber, for industries ranging from defense to health to energy to international development. They are a huge company with a large range of internships. Many of the internships are not closely related to game development, but they do have some that are:

Here is the link to all of their internships

It looks like they run a program called Summer Games where many of the internship calls are very broad and are by place rather than specific skill set and the challenge given will depend on the skills of those selected as interns for that area

“This competitive and collaborative program attracts thousands of applicants for several hundred slots. Simulating a real-world startup accelerator environment, the interns are divided into teams, each working on a different challenge. Throughout the Games, interns receive mentorship from senior leaders, collaborate and experiment in Booz Allen’s innovation ecosystem, solve problems using Booz Allen’s products and unique engagement models, and leverage the power of rapid prototyping. The summer culminates with a final Challenge Cup competition and presentation to senior leadership. A past winner took the challenge of helping blind individuals navigate by using new technology, creating a functioning prototype, and developing a business and market penetration plan. Teams have also helped develop an app that gives military commanders an easy way to track real-time and open-source information about developing situations such as sudden attacks, fighting human trafficking, and even tracking the spread of a disease worldwide. These internships are located throughout the US and will depend on the needs of the business and the skills of the applicants.”

Here are a few that are more game specific

Game Developer Internship in San Antonio programmer position who knows how to work in a game engine

Digital Arts Internship in San Antonio art position for someone who knows 3D modeling and how to make assets for a game engine

UI/UX artist in San Antonio

Artist in Omaha NE artist with experience in 3D modeling, game engine pipeline, motion graphics…